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Frequently asked questions:

1. Do i need to use a proxy for login account?
It is not necessary to use a proxy to log in, using a normal network is fine.
2. How to login purchased account?
You can login with: Username(ID), Password, 2FA, Attach recovery email.
3. Does the account have an ID attached?
No, the account doesn't come with an ID, you can buy an ID and edit it.
4. Is it possible to change the email and account password?
 You don't need to change it, because it's completely secure. Furthermore, it avoids suspicious account behavior.
5 . What ID should I use to verify my account identity?
 You can use Vietnam's ID, it works well in many countries, need to edit the information correctly.
6. What is 956 Unlocked Account?
Is an account that is eligible to unlock with Email attached.

How to login account?

EX: 1100088888|acc123|B6JA SZE2W3E 4DQ AAA||Technology12|
Using: login with link: Values are separated by " | "