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Facebook Fanpage Profile Reinstated | Created 2016-2024 | With 0-500 Likes/Followers

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Sold: 34.744

The Fanpage profile has been reinstated for advertising functionality

Product Description

- The Fanpage profile has been reinstated for advertising functionality.

- Page created in 2016 - 2024.

- The Fanpage can be renamed, but we do not support renaming for this type of product. Please consider this before purchasing.

Warranty Policy

Refund to website account or exchange for another account if:

- The Fanpage does not match the detailed description we provided.

- The Fanpage was restricted from advertising before purchase.

- The Fanpage was unpublished before purchase.


- Step 1: Proceed with purchasing the Fanpage. After purchasing, you will receive the ID of the Fanpage.

- Step 2: Send the support team your Facebook link (or UID), and the support team will share the page with your Facebook account.

- Step 3: After the support team shares, you will receive a notification, and you just need to press agree.

- In step 3, if after the support team has shared the page with you, you still haven't received the invitation notification, please visit the link: Facebook.com/ + ID of the Fanpage to accept.


- Please contact the support team immediately after purchase to receive the Fanpage and ensure your warranty rights. We reserve the right to refuse warranty if you purchase more than 7 days but do not contact the support team to receive the Fanpage.

- After handing over the page, we reserve the right to refuse any cases that may occur with the page during your use (except for the cases stated in our warranty policy).

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