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Scan Accounts | Limit $1200 / $1500 / Nolimit | Allow Choosing Account

Available: 6
Sold: 1.602

Customers can choose and purchase their desired account at the link: https://bit.ly/scan1500

Product Description

Preview account information here: https://bit.ly/scan1500

Warranty Policy

Refund to website account or exchange for another account if:

- The account details do not match the detailed description we have provided within the first 24 hours after purchase.


- Step 1: Access the link https://bit.ly/scan1500 and choose the account you want to purchase.

- Step 2: Proceed to purchase the account on the website, then contact the support team to receive the account you chose in step 1.

- Step 3: Send the support team your Facebook link where you want to receive the account (we will share the account to that Facebook for you).

- Step 4: After the support team notifies that the account has been shared, please check and confirm with the support team.

- Step 5: After successfully checking, please add at least 2-3 other administrators to the account to ensure your safety.

- Step 6: Remove all administrators who do not belong to your ownership from the account.


The product is for professional Facebook advertisers who know how to use this type of account.

If you do not know how to use it, do not buy it because it is expensive. If you cannot use it, it will be a waste of money!

After checking the account, we will remove all our administrators from the account.

No warranty, please note!

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