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Vietnam Facebook Clone Account | Registered By Phone | Verified 1secmail | Added 100-200 Friends | Full Information (On 2FA)

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Sold: 15.222
SKU: RC3000
Country: accnice.com

Newly created Facebook account, guaranteed unused

Product Description

- Clone was created in Vietnam.

- Account has enabled the Two-factor authentication (2FA) security feature.

- Registered by phone.

- Added 190-200 friends.

- Has Avatar.

- Full Information.

- Verified 1secmail.

Warranty Policy

- The password is incorrect or the email password is incorrect on the first login within the first 24 hours after purchase.

- Our system automatically checks the live/die status of clone accounts. Therefore, we do not provide any warranty for clones under any circumstances!


- Log in just like a normal Facebook account.

- Can login using cookies (if available)

- If you are a newbie and do not know how to log in, please contact the administrator for guidance.


- The clone is very weak and easily gets checkpointed if not used correctly, please consider this before purchasing.

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