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How is HOLD ? Is HOLD the account fault?

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Writing date: 2023-06-08 17:35:54

How is HOLD ? Is HOLD the account fault?

Occasionally, there will be a situation where after adding a payment card Facebook will send a notice to that account that: "To activate your account and continue running ads, you'll need to approve a temporary hold of funds on your payment method."

What is the cause of the hold?

There are many reasons for holding Facebook money. The main reasons for holding Facebook money:

1. Payment card that customer adds to the payment method owes Facebook money

2. Invoicing failed: this means your payment failed

3. There is no money in your payment card

4. Because Facebook doesn't trust the customer's payment card (new card or for some other reason)

Solution for Hold:
1. You accept Hold and use normally, after you pay 1-2 bills, fb may trust and not hold you anymore

2. You buy a new account and use a new payment card (physical card) that has never run ads before.

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