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Writing date: 2023-06-07 16:05:50


For newcomers to Accnice and Facebook advertising, distinguishing between various types of Facebook accounts is crucial. This article will clarify the differences between OLD FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS, REAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS, and CLONE ACCOUNTS, helping you make informed decisions for your advertising strategies.

1. Old Facebook Account:

These accounts are digital time capsules, dating back to between 2010 and 2021. They could be accounts still in daily use by individuals or ones that have fallen out of personal use but maintain excellent quality.

Verifying Account Creation Year

To determine when an old account was created, you can use the following link, replacing 'your_information' with the relevant account details: 


2. Real Facebook Account:

A step beyond old accounts, real Facebook accounts are those with a history of creation but are actively used by individuals in the present day.

Active Engagement

Real accounts are characterized by ongoing interactions with friends and the community, reflecting a genuine social presence.


3. Clone account:

Creation Method: Clone accounts are typically generated en masse using specialized tools.

Lack of Personalization: These accounts often lack personal details, photos, or posts — presenting as a blank slate.

Survivability: Due to their newness and lack of established trust, clones are more vulnerable and carry a higher risk of being disabled, hence their lower price point compared to real accounts.

Usage Limitations: Clones are not suitable for standard use but are often employed for specific tactics that utilize advertising tools.

Conclusion: Understanding the type of Facebook account you are dealing with is paramount in the world of online advertising. Old and real accounts offer authenticity and longevity, whereas clone accounts serve a more niche purpose with their set of limitations. Choose wisely based on your advertising goals and the level of authenticity you require.

Are you ready to kickstart your Facebook advertising journey? Visit Accnice to explore a variety of account options tailored to your needs, and ensure you have the right type of account for your campaigns.

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