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What is Business Manager? What types of Business Manager are popular in the market? Where to buy a reputable Business Manager?

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Writing date: 2023-06-08 13:39:28

What is Business Manager? What types of Business Manager are popular in the market? Where to buy a reputable Business Manager?

Stepping into the world of Facebook advertising can be quite an adventure, especially when you encounter terms like 'Business Manager' or 'BM'. This guide is dedicated to helping our valued customers, particularly those new to Facebook, understand what Business Manager is and how it can transform your advertising approach.

Unraveling the Business Manager Mystery

Defining Business Manager (BM)

Facebook Business Manager is a tool designed to be the ultimate workspace for advertisers and businesses on Facebook. Unlike a personal account, BM allows for expansive collaboration, giving you the ability to manage ad accounts, Fanpages, partnerships, and third-party agency interactions under one roof.

Business Manager account types:

The market offers many types of BM, each suitable for the specific needs of each customer. However, each place of sale will have a different way of naming each type of BM, for example:

BM50: Is the basic type of BM.

BM250$: BM has upgraded credit limit, spending $250/day

BM Nolimit New: A new BM account like BM50 with no spending limits.

BM Resistance: A resilient BM designed to withstand advertising challenges.

BMR50 Old Resistance: An older, battle-tested BM with a $50 limit.

BM50 Identity Verified: The BM50 type is required by Facebook to verify its identity and has successfully verified its identity with an ID card

Verified Business Manager: A BM verified by Facebook, ensuring higher trust and capabilities.

BM Agency: A premium BM usually reserved for agencies with more advanced features.

Choosing a Reputable Business Manager Provider

Where to Find Quality BM Account?

Selecting the right BM is crucial for your advertising success, and finding a reliable source is just as important.

Our website ACCNICE is your trusted marketplace for purchasing Business Manager accounts. Here’s why:

Top-Quality BM Accounts: We offer BMs of the highest quality, vetted for performance and reliability.

Competitive Pricing: Our prices are tailored to be the most competitive in the market, ensuring you get value for your money.

Warranty for Peace of Mind: Each BM comes with its own warranty, giving you confidence in your investment.


Facebook Business Manager is an essential platform for anyone looking to advertise on Facebook. Understanding the different types of BM available and choosing a reputable provider can set the foundation for your success in the digital advertising space.

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