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4 things to keep your Facebook account from being hacked by hackers
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4 things to keep your Facebook account from being hacked by hackers

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-22 02:04:50

Currently, Facebook has been contributing to creating a new way of life for people when everything such as communication, exchange and sharing of information is through it. However, along with that comes a huge concern about security. In fact, there have been many cases when users' accounts were hacked, revealing a lot of sensitive information and images on Facebook. Therefore, if you do not equip yourself with knowledge in protecting your Facebook account , hacking can happen at any time.

Weak passwords are easy to hack

Accounts with poor security are easily compromised

In reality today, to keep our accounts safe, most of us only know how to set hard-to-guess passwords and limit clicking on links of unknown origin, but that is not enough. Therefore, in today's article, we would like to guide readers through the customizations that Facebook has equipped to help users minimize the possibility of their accounts being stolen.

These are the security features we should set up to protect our Facebook account.

1. Login warning

With this feature, we will receive a notification every time your Facebook account is logged in from a strange computer or device. Accordingly, this notification will display very detailed information about the time, location and device on which the Facebook account has just logged in. This helps us detect and promptly handle cases of strangers accessing our accounts


Notification feature to protect Facebook account

Login alert feature

To enable this feature, first go to Settings then select Security and then click Login Alerts . Finally, we just need to customize how Facebook sends you warnings to succeed.

Settings section of Facebook login notification feature

Install the feature to receive notifications

2. Consider logging into your Facebook account

In addition to login warnings, Facebook also provides users with another feature called Login Approvals . Specifically, when users activate it, every time they log in to their Facebook account, they must enter an authentication code that Facebook sends to the phone.

Facebook account login review feature

Users need to review their accounts after logging in

To enable, go to Settings , then select Security , then click Login Approvals . Here, follow each of Facebook's instructions one by one to succeed.

Process to open an account with login code

Steps to activate login code

3. Trusted contact number of Facebook account

Once you have set up the above two features, it means your Facebook account is very safe. However, we should be on guard for the worst case scenario: our account has been hacked but we can still quickly get it back. Accordingly, the Trusted Contacts option will help you easily do this through confirmation from friends you have previously established trust with.

Contact number helps account better security

Trusted contact number feature to open a Facebook account

Open a Facebook account through friends

Steps to open the trusted contacts feature

4. Contact to inherit the Facebook account

To put it simply, this is an option that allows another account we set up before to manage our Facebook account when "going to a far away place". Of course, no one can predict what life will bring, so it's better to be careful anyway.

The person who inherits the account should be a trusted person

Facebook account inheritance feature

To set up this feature, first go to Settings then select Security and then click Legacy Contact . Finally, adding an account to someone you want to manage your account is a success.

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