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How is HOLD ? Is HOLD the account fault?
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How is HOLD ? Is HOLD the account fault?

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2023-06-08 17:35:54

Occasionally, after adding a payment card, Facebook may send a notice stating: "To activate your account and continue running ads, you'll need to approve a temporary hold of funds on your payment method." Understanding the reasons behind these holds and how to resolve them can keep your ad campaigns running smoothly.

What Causes the Hold on Facebook Payments?

There are several reasons why Facebook might place a hold on your funds. The main causes include:

1. Outstanding Balance

A payment card added to your account might owe Facebook money from previous transactions. This outstanding balance can trigger a hold until the debt is settled.

2. Invoicing Failed

Failed invoicing occurs when a payment attempt is unsuccessful. This failure can happen due to issues with your bank or payment gateway.

3. Insufficient Funds

If there is no money in your payment card, Facebook cannot process the payment, leading to a hold on your account.

4. Lack of Trust

Sometimes, Facebook doesn't trust the payment card due to its being new or other reasons. This lack of trust can result in a temporary hold until the card's legitimacy is verified.

Solutions for Facebook Payment Hold

Dealing with a payment hold can be daunting, but there are effective ways to resolve it. Here are some solutions:

1. Accept the Hold

You can choose to accept the hold and continue using your account normally. After you pay 1-2 bills, Facebook may start to trust your payment method, and the hold will be lifted.

2. Use a New Account and Payment Card

Another solution is to buy a new account and use a new payment card (preferably a physical card) that has never run ads before. This can help avoid the trust issues associated with older or suspicious payment methods.


Encountering a payment hold on Facebook can disrupt your ad campaigns, but understanding the causes and implementing the right solutions can help you navigate these challenges effectively. Whether you choose to accept the hold or switch to a new account, these steps will ensure that your advertising efforts continue without significant hiccups.

By addressing the core issues and taking proactive measures, you can maintain a seamless and efficient Facebook advertising experience.

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