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Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2023-03-01 19:51:27

The article is based on the experience of a friend from Algeria. His name is Mohammed Missoum.

Many of you are facing the case of ad accounts being disabled immediately after adding a virtual payment card in many parts of the world (especially North Africa). This makes a tense situation in the already tense Facebook advertising industry even more tense. Costs BM, costs via, now costs more cards, but that can't discourage accnice's research team. After a lot of research and discussions with accnice community members and customers, we have found the most optimal card recharge solution at the moment (rated as successful up to 80%).

You will need:

- The 1st thing:

1 physical card ( visa card) (this is very important)

3 virtual cards that you can replace unlimitedly

If your payment card has been used many times for advertising (including virtual and physical cards) you should change to another card.

example of Mohammed Missoum: "I have 3 virtual cards...
When I used them for more than 2 months, Facebook started getting smarter with me and considered me spam so he would ban me
So i usually just replace the virtual card only.

But if it doesnt work then You should change or make a new visa card with another official identity card...for example you can make a visa card in the name of brothers or family..some trusted people.

But its not easy to change all the time, the most smart way is ...to share your virtual  cards. it's means: You have 3 virtual cards.Each virtual card u can link it maximum with 5 to 6 ad account ...so the smart way is to not put 1 card with a lot .. so Facebook doesnt see ur cards as a spam.. espesialy if u put only 1 card to a lot of accounts.

When you really cannot add payment card or cannot run ads then the last solution like me.
Mohammed Missoum i have 3 virtual cards and 1physical card

When i saw that Facebook is targeting me...

I called a friend of mine and created a new visa card on his name

New visa card = 3 new virtual cards = new fresh clean start to run ads again"

- The 2nd thing:

If your laptop is new and you don't run ads with it, facebook won't give you any trouble.
But when you have a laptop which you use it to run a lot of advertising campage for Facebook. Facebook will track your physical ip adresse ( the adress of ur laptop) then will ban you from putting payment cards

So, if you want to run ads ( espesialy for north african countries like Mohammed Missoum

You must have physical card and 3 virtual

2 computers:
+1 laptop to run ads 
+1 laptop to put the visa cards only
I mean 1 computer to keep the card, and 1 computer to run ads, is that the same account login in 2 computers and 1 computer only has the login function to add payment cards and the other computer is used to run ads
+ Also, you should use a VPN (Vpn is useful for success)

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