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Basic instructions for logging into your Facebook account

Navigating the login process for a Facebook account can be straightforward, but when dealing with an account format like Accnice's, it's important to understand each step to ensure successful access. This guide will walk you through the basic login steps using Accnice's specific account format.

The Accnice Account Format

Before we begin, let's familiarize ourselves with the Accnice account format, which includes:

UID (User Identification)

Pass (Password)

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication code)

Mail (Associated email address)

Passmail (Email password)

Submail (Recovery email)

For instance:

UID: 1000008111994

Pass: Accnice1688


Email: [email protected]

Email Password: Technology666

Recovery Email: [email protected]

Step-by-Step Login Instructions

1) Open Your Web Browser

Launch your Original Google Chrome Browser and visit facebook.com (You can create a new Chrome profile.)

(Note: do not use any anonymous browsers such as dolphin, incognito, mutillogin because when using these That browser can cause errors when logging in)

2) Enter Login Credentials

Once the Facebook homepage appears, input your UID as the username and the corresponding Pass as the password, then press 'Log In'.

3) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Facebook will ask for a 2FA code.

Proceed to Hitools to retrieve this 2FA code.

Generate the 2FA Code: Paste your 2FA code into the website, and a 6-digit code will appear.
Complete the Verification: Copy this 6-digit code and return to the Facebook page to enter it in the provided field.

NoteCurrently our 3-line green account type does not contain the 2-Fa code for the reason: Facebook is scanning and checkpoint phone. So when you log in, the account will ask you to have an old device to agree or give you another option to send a code to your email. Please select that option and log in to the email that comes with your account to get the login code

4) Finalize Your Facebook Login

Follow any additional Facebook prompts to complete the login process successfully.

By understanding the Accnice account format and following the detailed steps provided, you can log in to your Facebook account with confidence. Ensure you keep your 2FA and email information secure to maintain the integrity of your account.