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What is a Virtual Card? Can I use a virtual card to add to my Facebook ad account?
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What is a Virtual Card? Can I use a virtual card to add to my Facebook ad account?

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2023-06-08 21:10:41

Virtual cards, also known as non-physical credit cards, are becoming a popular financial tool in the digital landscape. They contain all necessary details like card numbers, cardholder names, issue and expiration dates, and CVV numbers, enabling users to make online transactions with ease. But how suitable are they for Facebook advertising? Let's explore with Accnice.

What Are Virtual Cards?

Virtual cards are digital versions of traditional credit cards, issued primarily for e-commerce and online transactions. They offer a secure way to pay without the need for a physical card, and they can be easily generated through e-banking applications.

Features of Virtual Cards

These non-physical cards are designed with convenience in mind, offering all the same details you would find on a physical card, which makes them seemingly perfect for online shopping and payments.

Can You Use Virtual Cards for Facebook Advertising?

While virtual cards offer a modern payment solution, they may not be the best fit for Facebook's advertising platform.

Risks Associated with Virtual Cards

Ad Account Restrictions: Virtual cards have been linked to instances of immediate ad account disablement.

Facebook's Scanning Practices: There is an extensive scanning system in place by Facebook to detect and flag virtual card usage.

Low Success Rate: The likelihood of successfully adding a virtual card to Facebook for ad payments is currently very low.

Facebook's Stance on Virtual Cards

Due to the ephemeral nature of virtual cards – they can be easily created and discarded – there is a potential for misuse in avoiding ad payments. Consequently, Facebook has tightened its controls over such payment methods.

Recommended Payment Methods

Given these challenges, what is recommended for Facebook advertisers?

The Safer Alternative: Physical Cards

Bank-Issued Cards: A physical card provided by your bank is less likely to be scrutinized by Facebook's security measures.

Higher Success Rate: Physical cards have a much higher success rate for ad account top-ups and are considered more reliable.



While virtual cards offer a convenient and secure way to manage online payments, they currently pose significant risks for Facebook advertisers. It's advisable to stick with physical credit cards issued by reputable banks to ensure the smooth running of your advertising campaigns and to maintain good standing with Facebook's payment systems.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can minimize the risk of account disablement and ensure a more seamless advertising experience on Facebook.

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