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Advertising content on Facebook
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Advertising content on Facebook

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-22 10:10:21

Good advertising content will contribute to easily creating conversions, thereby creating success for the brand's marketing campaign. Below are 5 principles that I have concluded from countless experiments with different ad content formats on the Facebook platform.

1. Attractive, attractive

The first principle is that the content must be truly engaging and engaging. Why do we need to attract? Because on Facebook, users will not linger too long on an uninteresting article, so they often only spend a few short seconds deciding whether to continue reading the content or not.

Not to mention, Facebook also has the ability to suggest similar content based on customer search data, so the advertising content you create must be truly different and impressive to be able to compete with other competitors. other proposal.

2. Short and concise

The content of Facebook posts should not be too lengthy. Unlike PR articles, blog articles, and SEO articles, you can write from 600 to 1500 or even 2000 words, but on Facebook, you should only limit the number of words to about 100-300 words. For articles with topics related to real estate or technology that require in-depth analysis or a lot of information, you should develop longer articles of about 400 words. In my experience, the ideal ad copy length will be around 250-350 words.

3. Easy to read and understand

Facebook content displayed on phones is often limited to a very small space, and users tend to quickly scroll through sections that don't interest them. That leads to presenting that content in a way that is easy for them to read and understand, which is extremely important. Therefore, you can break up paragraphs to make them easier to follow or decorate them with a few vivid, eye-catching icons to create attraction. At the same time, beautiful and focused images are also an important part of helping keep users to stay and view advertising posts on Facebook.

4. Persuasion

The content you provide must be convincing to customers. Because in today's market, they have too many different choices and are often distracted by a series of other competing brands. Therefore, whether or not you can conquer them depends entirely on your actions, expressed through persuasion from articles to images.

Persuasion here is logic and specific, detailed evidence to answer the questions in the customer's mind: is this the right product for me, will it help me solve my problems? Specifically, why should I choose this brand's product and not another brand's? Why should I buy it immediately?

5. Achieve goals

Advertising content must achieve the set goals to be called effective.

You cannot measure the effectiveness of advertising content on Facebook by sentiment (right or wrong, interesting or boring, ugly or beautiful...), but only through whether the initial set goals are achieved or not. Are not? For example, if your content is written for an advertisement to create engagement, in the end, will it achieve the expected engagement? Or if the article is created to motivate customers to sign up for a course, send a message to make a purchase, how many people will comment, share, click on the link... as a result?

In short, no matter how you do it, the advertising content must achieve the set goals to be called effective.

Above are 5 principles and correct thinking about implementing advertising content on Facebook. Once we clearly understand these things, we will have a more serious and professional working process, as well as certain limits and standards for deploying advertising content to optimize performance for customers. advertising and marketing campaigns.

Facebook content is very brief, it seems like anyone can write it, but doing it effectively is another matter. A title without emphasis, a motif that is too familiar makes viewers scroll past it "mercilessly". Defining the wrong goal, the wrong format, or too vague a CTA all seriously affect conversion rates. In fact, you can increase advertising effectiveness many times by changing the banner color, choosing a different font or title, changing the call to action... A good advertising content can contribute Great efficiency for Marketing activities.

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