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Buy Cheap Facebook Accounts
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Buy Cheap Facebook Accounts

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-01-31 14:23:07

Buy cheap Facebook accounts is popular with many young people/businesses. Follow the article below to learn how to choose the right account!

What to buy a cheap Facebook account for?

Buy cheap fake Facebook accounts for online business purposes and seeding services. Currently, Facebook's user policies are too strictly controlled, so raising a Facebook account for business is not easy.

When you buy a Facebook account, you will have available interactions, attract many visits and the ability to convert will also be high. Not only that, users also save more time and effort in taking care of their accounts.

In addition, users also buy Facebook accounts to use for other purposes such as: creating an account to log in to games, log in to applications that require an account,...

Buy cheap Facebook account

What is the purpose of buying a cheap Facebook account?

What types of products are included in buying a cheap Facebook account?

In the market for buying and selling Facebook accounts today, there are many different types of accounts. Follow the article below to see more ideas about buying cheap, high-quality Facebook accounts that are suitable for your intended use.

New Facebook account has no information yet

A blank Facebook account is also known as a newly created Facebook account that does not have any information. This account is usually registered for about 2 days to 1 week, then sold. White Nick has the cheapest price, about 1500 VND to 2000 VND for an account.

The disadvantage of a blank account is that it is easy to encounter mass checkpoint problems or worse, all data can be locked.

Facebook account created more than 3 months ago

An account created by Facebook over 3 months is considered a real user account. Because it has a long time to interact and be nurtured.

If you are looking to buy a cheap Facebook account, you can consider choosing this type of account. Its price is also extremely cheap, with an average of only 10,000 VND or more, depending on the place of sale and the level of interaction.

However, accounts that are over 3 months old can still be checkpointed as usual but will be easier to get back than a blank account.

Buy cheap Facebook account

Types of cheap Facebook accounts

Buy Facebook accounts with many followers

Buying a cheap Facebook account with many followers is of interest to many businesses and online services. Accounts with many followers are very carefully taken care of, interactions and reach are very reasonable, so they are very suitable for those who are doing online business and seeding services.

The account is very trusted by Facebook, it is very difficult to encounter checkpoint problems. The price of this type of account ranges from 50,000 VND to several hundred thousand depending on the number of followers and their lifespan.

This is a very favored type of account, so on the market today there are few sellers and the number of accounts is not many.

Facebook account has a green tick

A Facebook account with a green check mark means that the owner's account has been verified and meets some of Facebook's conditions such as: 

  • The account has over 10,000 followers and has fully updated owner information including: avatar, personal information, address.
  • The main Facebook account has never violated the terms and conditions of the Facebook system
  • Owner's identity has been verified

If you need to buy a cheap and reputable Facebook account, you can choose this type of account to minimize unwanted risks.

Things to keep in mind when buying cheap Facebook accounts

The Facebook platform is famous for being very strict in controlling Facebook accounts. Therefore, to be able to buy a cheap and well-maintained Facebook account, you should note the following:

  • Purchased Facebook accounts should limit logging in on multiple mobile devices and computers. If the account is created for a short time, this is the biggest taboo
  • Register for account security and change account information according to your information to avoid checkpoint problems
  • For accounts created for a short time, you should use an incognito browser. Because Facebook has a policy to restrict logging in to multiple accounts on the same device

Buy cheap Facebook account

Notes for use when buying a Facebook account


Hopefully the above content can help you buy a cheap Facebook account that suits your needs and goals. Don't forget to continue following Accnice to update more useful new information!

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