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Cost of buying a Facebook account
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Cost of buying a Facebook account

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There's no denying that buying Facebook accounts is a popular form of online advertising today. With varying Cost of buying a Facebook account, you can acquire accounts with an established history, good reputation, and a significant number of friends and followers to run advertisements for your products or services.

What is the cost of buying Facebook accounts?

The cost of buying Facebook accounts is the amount of money you spend to obtain an available Facebook account. It depends on various factors such as the type of account, the quantity of accounts, the nurturing time, the credibility of the provider, etc. Additionally, you may need to pay additional fees for purchasing Facebook accounts, such as advertising fees, contractor tax fees, warranty fees, etc."

Cost of buying a Facebook account

How much does it cost to buy a Facebook account?

The outstanding benefits of buying Facebook accounts

Purchasing Facebook accounts brings numerous advantages for advertisers, especially when aiming to reach a large audience of potential customers on the world's leading social network. Some key benefits of buying Facebook accounts include:

  1. Significantly enhances marketing effectiveness.
  2. Ready for immediate use.
  3. Attracts potential customers.

Factors influencing the cost of buying Facebook accounts

Facebook is not only a platform for connecting, socializing, and sharing information with friends, family, and communities but also an effective channel for advertising, business, and profitable endeavors. Consequently, the demand for buying and selling Facebook accounts is on the rise. However, the cost of purchasing Facebook accounts is not fixed and depends on various factors.

Account activity duration

The account's activity duration is a crucial factor influencing the cost of buying Facebook accounts. According to Facebook's regulations, a new account can only engage in advertising activities after being active for at least 30 days and having a minimum of 50 friends.

Therefore, an older Facebook account, with more experience and credibility, holds higher value. Additionally, the activity duration of the account also affects its ability to avoid being locked or removed by Facebook.

Cost of buying a Facebook account

The cost of buying a Facebook account depends on many factors

The number of friends on an account

The number of friends on an account reflects the level of popularity and influence of that account on the social media platform. A Facebook account with many friends has more opportunities to reach and attract potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions and revenue for advertising and business campaigns.

Account Types

On Facebook, there are two main types of accounts: personal accounts and business accounts.

  1. Personal Account: This type of account is for individuals. It allows users to make friends, send messages, post updates, comment, like, and share content on Facebook.

  2. Business Account: This type of account is designed for businesses. It enables the creation of pages, groups, events, advertisements, sales, and provides analytics on Facebook.

Each type of account has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the buyer's intended use.

Personal accounts are easy to create and manage, allow for the creation of multiple accounts, enable direct interaction with customers, and offer features such as livestreaming, watch parties, stories, marketplace, and applications linked to Facebook.

Business accounts have the advantage of an unlimited number of friends, the ability to create multiple pages and groups, utilize professional advertising tools and analytics, and customize content and visuals according to the brand.

Therefore, the type of account also influences the cost of buying a Facebook account, depending on the buyer's needs and budget.

Cost of buying a Facebook account

Each type of account has different cost

Account interoperability

A highly interactive Facebook account will have many views, likes, comments and shares for its posts, creating spread and positive interaction on social networks. This not only helps increase the reputation and trustworthiness of your account, but also increases your chances of selling and making money on Facebook.

Risks when buying Facebook accounts and how to fix them

Buying Facebook accounts also comes with various risks, especially when you are unaware of the origin and quality of the accounts. Here are some common risks associated with purchasing Facebook accounts and how to address them:

  • Account subjected to checkpoints.
  • Account hacked.
  • Account locked.

Most common solutions: Adhere to Facebook's guidelines for account usage, such as avoiding spam, refraining from posting sensitive content, and selecting the correct industry when running advertisements.

Cost of buying a Facebook account

Some risks when buying a Facebook account

How to buy a Facebook account safely and cheaply

To buy a safe and cheap Facebook account, you need to keep in mind a few things:

Choosing a reputable place to buy Facebook accounts is crucial.

It's advisable to purchase accounts from reliable sources with positive customer reviews and comprehensive warranty policies. Avoid websites that run advertisements without openly disclosing the costs of buying Facebook accounts, as they may be low-quality sellers or potential scams.

Buying Facebook accounts at Accnice

Accnice is a specialized website offering various types of Facebook accounts, including personal accounts, advertising accounts, and fan page accounts. Accnice has the following advantages:

  • High-quality accounts.
  • Comprehensive warranty policies.
  • File backup.
  • Diverse account options.
  • Reasonable prices for purchasing Facebook accounts.

Cost of buying a Facebook account

Accnice - Address to buy reputable, quality Facebook accounts

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