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Create Facebook Business Account
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Create Facebook Business Account

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Facebook Business is a tool that supports users in the business process on both mobile phones and computers. Accnice will guide you on create Facebook Business account to make it easy for you to manage and receive priority from Facebook. Let's explore in the following article!

What is a Facebook Business account?

An account used for your business purposes is called a Facebook Business account, also known as Business Manager.

Business Manager provides advertisers with the ability to manage all their marketing activities in one place and share access to assets with their team, agency partners, and vendors.

Each of your personal accounts has the ability to run ads. Additionally, you can also register a separate advertising account for your business from this personal account without affecting the activities of the personal account.

create facebook business account

What is a Facebook business account?

Comparing Facebook Business Accounts to Personal Ad Accounts

When discussing Facebook advertising, many people often inquire about the difference between a Facebook Business account and a personal ad account. Here are some points to clarify:

  • Business accounts are prioritized for receiving updates on new Facebook advertising features.

  • Facebook prioritizes quick support for business accounts.

  • It's easy to create multiple ad accounts (up to 5 ad accounts) within a Business account.

  • If you collaborate with others, a Facebook Business account supports convenient customer file sharing.

create facebook business account

Facebook business accounts have many advantages over personal advertising accounts

How to create Facebook business account

Creating a Facebook business account is quite simple and does not take much time.

Step 1: Log in to your personal account, then go to the Facebook Business page and click "create account".

Step 2: Fill in all information (your business and account name, your name, your business email).

create facebook business account

Instructions on how to create a Facebook business account

Note: It is advisable to use a name that matches the one on your Visa/MasterCard for easy verification by Facebook's support team in case of issues and to enhance the security of your account.

Next, click continue and fill in the required information in the displayed form, including:

  • Country
  • Address
  • Street Address (line 2)/Locality
  • State/City
  • State/Province/Region
  • Zip Code/Postal Code
  • Business phone number
  • Website

create facebook business account

Continue and fill in the information as shown in the table

After filling in all information, click send to complete the process.

4. How to use a Facebook business account

After successfully creating a Facebook business account, you need to make settings for your business account.

More people

Adding people to the business manager means you are adding an individual Facebook account, granting them the authority to manage the Facebook Business Fanpage and execute advertising campaigns.

In the 'People' section, click on 'Add' to select the account you want.

create facebook business account

Add a Fanpage manager on Facebook Business


This is one of the most important tasks in business management because you will authorize someone to use your Fanpage and Advertising Account.

This is quite important because you need to determine exactly who the admins are, who the editors are, and which ad accounts they will use.

create facebook business account

Decentralize permissions on Facebook Business account

Create an ad account

Click “ad account” and add an ad account or create a new account. The process of creating a new ad account is similar to when you create a personal ad account.

create facebook business account

Create an advertising account easily with Facebook Business

Data sources

Data sources are where you can collect information from external sources to create audiences for your advertising campaigns.

Other functions

In Facebook Business business manager, you also have the ability to add an Instagram account, set up payment methods, and invite partners to work together. However, these functions are often rarely used. Payments made to your ad account make your ad paid.


Create Facebook business account helps you manage multiple fanpages at the same time as well as manage data more optimally. Hopefully the above information from Accnice can help you create an account easily, quickly and have successful advertising campaigns.

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