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Effective Ways to SEO Fanpage and Build Content Plan
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Effective Ways to SEO Fanpage and Build Content Plan

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-22 09:51:41

Facebook SEO is one of the phrases that many people are searching for recently. The main purpose of this job is to bring Fanpage to the top 1 of the Google search engine. But this is considered much more difficult than website SEO. In this article, ORI will share with you the 9 most effective ways to SEO Fanpage.

I. What is Facebook SEO?

For newcomers still wondering what is Facebook SEO ? In essence, this is the process of optimizing Fanpage for SEO standards so that users can search on Google. For example, when you type the keyword 'Son Tung MTP', in addition to the articles on the website, the results will also return to the Fanpage page.
To give a rating to a Fanpage, Facebook's algorithm will store all user behavior on the page. Through that, Facebook will suggest images, services, and products related to your previous searches. So what are some factors that affect Facebook SEO ?

  • Fanpage title contains the keyword being searched.
  • Is the content of the Fanpage useful or not?
  • Fanpage has a high number of members, large and frequent interactions.
  • User activities with the page such as interacting, commenting, liking, sharing or checking in.

Facebook SEO is the process of optimizing Fanpage for SEO standards

II. How to create an SEO-standard Facebook Fanpage

To create an SEO-standard Fanpage , you need a Facebook account and a phone or computer with an internet connection. Next, do the following:

Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2 : Click on the icon on the top right hand side, select “Page” then click “Create page” click “Start”.


To create an SEO standard Fanpage, select "Page" and then click "Create page"

Step 3 : When the new window appears, you need to fill in the basic information of a Fanpage including:

  • Name of Fanpage
  • Main and secondary categories
  • Website URL (if any)
  • Set profile picture and cover photo

Step 4 : To return to the original Fanpage interface, click "Access" and add your username and contact method.

Step 5 : If you want to add more information, you need to click on the three dots icon on the top right hand side. Next select “Edit page”, here you can make changes to the current template. At the same time, you can add information about opening hours (business hours), contact, location,...

III. Types of content needed on Fanpage

After you have built an SEO standard Fanpage , you need to build content on the page. The main purpose is to compete with competitors to get to the top and reach potential customers. So what content is necessary for a Fanpage?

1. Sales content

The first important content to build on the Fanpage is related to sales. These articles will help customers know what product or service you are offering. If the content is quality and really attracts viewers, they will become big fans of the site. After a period of operation, you can direct this target group to purchase or interact directly with the product such as receiving advice, testing, taking surveys, etc. The
the article needs to contain keywords. related to the product so that users can find it on the Google search engine. In particular, in order for an article to quickly reach the top, these keywords or sets of keywords must be searched a lot by users. You can use Google trends (free) to research keywords for articles. In addition, to increase appeal and attract readers, you need to add the following phrases in the article:

  • Inbox directly to receive attractive offers
  • Click or comment to receive messages
  • Click on this link to receive attractive gifts


Sales content helps users know about the business's products

2. Content shares value

If you want your Fanpage to receive a lot of attention from users, in addition to sales content, you should add content that provides value. Each different profession will have different topics to share.
Suppose, your business is a unit specializing in providing skin care masks, you should do articles sharing about "How to properly wash your face to have smooth skin", "Making a super natural face mask mixture". cheap at home",... Note, the article needs to be in the form of instructions, answers or experience sharing.

3. Viral content gets interaction

Today's users love fun, highly entertaining content. Therefore, for Fanpage to operate effectively, you need to create viral content to increase traffic and followers to the page. These types of content include:

  • Funny meme images or videos
  • Humorous and dramatic story
  • Drawing illustrations
  • Trending sayings are parodied in many styles
  • Collage short clips with high interaction on Youtube or TikTok.


Viral content helps increase page interaction

IV. 9 most effective ways to SEO Facebook

Facebook SEO is not a simple job, requiring meticulousness, care, patience and creativity. If you are researching this topic, don't miss the following 9 ways to SEO Facebook:

1. How to name a Fanpage according to SEO standards

The way to do SEO for your Fanpage is that you need to give it an impressive name and follow the rule of having keywords. However, you need to be careful not to stuff keywords into the Fanpage name so as not to make it look unnatural.

Another rule you need to remember is not to name your Fanpage too general or too difficult to understand. This will cause users to not remember the business's page. You should also not use special characters for your Fanpage name. This will make the name unprofessional and lose sympathy with customers.

2. Insert keywords for Fanpage

One of the ways to do SEO for Fanpage is to insert keywords scientifically and skillfully into the page. You should put keywords in the following sections:

  • Page description
  • About us
  • Headline
  • Image caption
  • Note
  • Update

A small tip for Facebook SEO is to choose long-tail keywords that can convert. For example, instead of focusing on the keyword “Facebook SEO” you should choose “Facebook SEO experience”. One disadvantage of this type of keyword is that it does not bring high traffic or rankings.

To effectively SEO Facebook, you need to check keywords on Facebook's search engine to see if any competitors have used that keyword. You need to choose specific keywords, with lower Search Volume, Fanpage SEO will be more effective.


Keywords with lower Search Volume will make Fanpage SEO more effective

3. Build Facebook SEO backlinks

Building backlinks on a Fanpage is more difficult than doing it on a website. However, the more reputable sources point to your site, the more reputable it becomes. This will help your page have a higher chance of ranking higher on the Google search results table. As a result, the product or service will reach more people and the amount of traffic will also increase significantly.

On the contrary, backlinks from poor quality sources will drag down Fanpage rankings. Along with that, the site's reputation is also affected. Another effective and simple way to do SEO for Fanpage is to insert the page link on the article on your personal page. If someone shares the article, the Fanpage will be shared.

4. Optimize URL for Fanpage

The more professional the URL for the Fanpage will help the brand impress users. To optimize Facebook SEO, URLs need:

  • Contains keywords related to the products or services the business provides
  • Short and easy to remember
  • Contains brand name

A Fanpage URL that meets these criteria will make it easier for users to search on Google. Thanks to that, the article will quickly appear at the top of the search results table.

5. Optimize the About tab

The About section is one of the important sections users will see when entering a Fanpage. The information here will help them understand more about the business and the products they offer. This will determine whether the viewer will stay or leave the page. To optimize the About tab, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The maximum character limit in this section is 155. It is necessary to write briefly about the mission and values ​​that the business brings.
  • Needs to contain keywords.
  • New and attractive content to attract readers.


The shorter, more concise and meaningful the About section is, the better it will be for SEO

6. Fully update business information

The Facebook SEO tip is to fill in complete and accurate business information. Even if you do business online, this is still a very important part. Information items that require absolute accuracy include:

  • Website address
  • Contact phone number
  • Electronic mailbox

In addition, you must also ensure this information matches the website or other sources. Misinformation will make users confused and lose trust in the business.

Another advantage of filling in the correct address on Fanpage is that when users check in to the location, sharing the article on their personal page will be known to many people. Therefore, filling in correct and complete information is an effective way to SEO fanpage.

7. How to write standard SEO articles on Facebook

Content plays a very important role in a marketing campaign. How to write standard SEO articles on Facebook as follows:

  • Pay attention to the first 18 characters of the article because Google tends to take this part as the Meta Description.
  • Place keywords right at the beginning of the article so search engines can easily grasp them.
  • Fanpage and Group have added support for placing H1, H2, H3 tags,... to make articles more SEO standard.
  • The content is selective, the words and writing style are refined to suit the target audience.
  • In addition to writing standard SEO articles on Facebook, you need to regularly post content to keep interactions from dropping.


The way to write standard SEO Facebook posts is to pay attention to the first 18 characters

8. Pin important articles to the front page

One of the Facebook SEO tips is that you need to pin important posts to the front page. These articles are often invested with beautiful content and images, so they will attract users to visit the page. Types of content that should be pinned include:

  • Information about upcoming webinars and offers with end time.
  • Quality content brings useful information and solves users' problems.
  • Announcement of cooperation with large companies in the industry and influential people in society.

9. Motivate customers to take action

The main purpose of creating a Fanpage is to motivate users to take action. To do this, you need to insert a specific and clear call to action into the article. This type of sentence needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Align with your business goals and the purpose of your landing page.
  • Start with verbs like let, subscribe, put, watch,...
  • Emphasize the value the product/service brings to users.
  • Solve customer problems.
  • Focus on your prospect's concerns.
  • Keep customers on the page.

This call to action is considered a Facebook SEO trick that helps increase traffic from the Fanpage to the website. This will help increase the ranking of Fanpage on Google search engine.

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