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Facebook Ads Not Released
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Facebook Ads Not Released

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-01-31 15:36:26

Even though all steps have been taken, the Facebook ad is not published . Follow the article below to find out the cause of this problem!

Reasons why Facebook ads are not published

Are you facing a situation where you have followed all the steps but your Facebook ad is not published ? The article below will help you find out the cause of this unwanted situation, let's follow along!

Summary of reasons why Facebook ads are not published

Advertising errors due to the use of prohibited or threatening words

Facebook ads that are not published may be because you have committed a violation of using prohibited or threatening words that do not comply with Facebook's terms. This is an error that is often very easy to make. Your ad may be rejected or worse, your account may be locked if you violate it too many times.

Before running ads, make sure the content and words truly match the topic and goal. This is to eliminate violations of Facebook's terms policy, reducing engagement and reach of the target audience.

Advertising content is subject to copyright

Advertising content that complies with copyright is the most taboo in the Marketing world. If you accidentally or intentionally violate copyright, Facebook advertising strategies will not be issued . Because this is considered illegal copyright theft, violating the basic laws of advertising.

More specifically, copyright infringement is intentionally copying other brands' designs such as logos, products, names, etc. to promote your own low-quality products. Therefore, you should be more careful about this issue if you don't want your account to be locked.

Use content restricted by Facebook

In addition, advertising campaigns on Facebook also limit advertising of certain content such as: Food or drinks containing alcohol, products with stimulants, sensitive images, lottery gambling, unknown products. source,...

To create a healthy environment, the Facebook platform will restrict and refuse the above products/services. When implementing a campaign, you must pay close attention to the content you want to advertise!

Facebook ads not released

Ads using content restricted by Facebook

Advertising images are sensitive in nature

Sensitive images are one of the reasons why Facebook ads are not released.

For ads that are sensitive in nature, intentionally zooming the image will violate Facebook's terms. So, you should be more careful and edit images more in accordance with the platform's terms policy.

Make sure and commit that the image and subject content match each other. If you still intentionally expose images that are not suitable for advertising content, your account may be locked and you will not be able to continue advertising campaigns for future services.

The advertising account once violated Facebook's policies

If your account has ever violated the Facebook system's advertising terms policy, your account may have been blocked from advertising services. Depending on the level of violation, there will be different penalties such as: blocking for 1 week, blocking for 1 month, blocking for 1 year, or worse, having ads blocked permanently.

To have an effective advertising campaign, you should carefully learn about the terms policy to avoid the situation where Facebook ads are not released . Just a small mistake can lead to unwanted consequences.

How to fix the problem of Facebook ads not publishing

The main reason why Facebook ads are not published is because your account has violated Facebook's terms policy. Refer to the content below to find ways to fix and eliminate this situation!

  • Learn and carefully review the Facebook system's advertising terms and conditions
  • Check the email the account is linked to and Facebook's support page to find out why the ad didn't go live
  • Edit and review advertising errors that have been made
  • If the ad has no errors but still cannot be published, please submit a request for Facebook to reconsider
  • Pay more attention to content, words, and images to avoid copyright infringement
    and sensitive or inappropriate content.
  • Create content that matches the topic previously registered with Facebook

Facebook ads not released

Fix Facebook ads not publishing


The above article will help you find the reason why Facebook ads are not published . Don't forget to follow Accnice to update more articles with interesting content!

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