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How to Delete A Facebook Account
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How to Delete A Facebook Account

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-01-18 17:28:04

How to delete a Facebook account that is no longer in use. If you want to delete an account that is no longer in use and to improve security. The following article from Accnice will guide you how to delete your Facebook account quickly and simply.

how to delete a facebook account

How to delete Facebook account

What happens if you permanently delete your account?

The current social network Facebook in Vietnam is very popular and used by many people. Because of the benefits that Facebook brings to users such as making friends from all over and chatting for free, as well as you can also update news very quickly and can even shop here.

Therefore, this is also the place where bad guys aim to steal personal information to commit fraud. Surely you have heard the media warning about scams from Facebook, especially recently hacking accounts and texting to borrow money from relatives and friends.

In addition, Facebook also has the feature to automatically save account information, so if you do not use your account, disable or delete your account to secure your personal information. Avoid bad situations happening to you and your loved ones.

how to delete a facebook account

What happens if I delete my account permanently?

What happens if the account is permanently deleted:

  • You will not be able to reactivate your account
  • Content such as your photos, articles, videos and other content will be deleted. You also cannot retrieve these contents.
  • Of course, you can't use Facebook Messenger either.
  • Other apps you link from Facebook will also no longer work. If you want to use it, you must contact them to restore your account.
  • Things like your messages with friends will still be available to them in their mailbox archives.

How to delete Facebook account

To permanently delete your account:

  • Click your avatar in the top right of the Facebook app
  • Select settings & privacy, then click settings.
  • You can delete an account via the account center if it's at the top left of the settings menu.
  • You can also delete your account through Facebook settings if the account center is at the bottom left of the settings menu.

Not all settings are the same, so depending on the user, there are 2 different ways to delete an account.

how to delete a facebook account

How to delete Facebook account?

Delete account through account center

To delete an account via account center:

  • Click on the avatar at the top right
  • Select settings & privacy, next select settings
  • Click the account center in the top left
  • Select personal information below account settings
  • Click account ownership and control
  • Select delete account and then click continue to follow the instructions to confirm account deletion.

Delete account through settings

How to delete account through settings:

  • Click on the avatar on the right at the top
  • Select settings & privacy, select settings.
  • Select your information on Facebook
  • Select delete account, click confirm and enter password to delete account

Is there a way to stop using my account without deleting it?

If you just want to temporarily stop using it without deleting your account, try temporarily deactivating your account. When disabled, there will be benefits such as:

  • If you want to use your account again, you just need to log in and reactivate.
  • Your photos, videos and posts remain when you deactivate.
  • People cannot access your profile.
  • You can still use Messenger
  • Apps you link to your Facebook account can still be logged in.

How to cancel account deletion

You have 30 days from confirmation of account deletion to cancel the process. After 30 minutes, if you do not cancel, all your information will be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

how to delete a facebook account

How to cancel account deletion

Facebook will require a maximum of 90 days to initiate the process of deleting your account, but you have only 30 days to cancel this process. During the account deletion process, your friends won't be able to find or contact you.

To cancel the account deletion process:

  1. Log in to Facebook within the first 30 days from the date you initiated the account deletion.
  2. Click on cancel, do not delete the account.

How to delete a Facebook account has been clearly explained in the previous content provided by Accnice. I hope this article provides useful information and helps you understand how to delete your account. If you need further guidance, feel free to contact Accnice for free assistance!



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