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How to delete Facebook account on iPhone?
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How to delete Facebook account on iPhone?

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-22 09:38:14

If you accidentally log into an account on someone else's mobile device, deleting the Facebook account saved on your iPhone will help you best secure your information. Please see the detailed steps to delete your Facebook account that anyone can do with Accnice !

Should I delete my Facebook account saved on my device? Why?

With outstanding utilities, Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform. When you join, you can connect with anyone, share information, entertain, etc. However, many people have taken advantage of this pervasive power to spread viruses and scams, causing many users. get into trouble. 

Especially when logging into your Facebook account on your device, the system will automatically save the information. This feature allows you to simply click on a personal icon to access without needing to enter a password. However, it makes many people worry about personal privacy being violated.

Therefore, many people choose to delete the Facebook account saved on their iPhone when they no longer use it or do not need to access it on the device they used to log in to. This not only protects user information but also prevents fraud.

Instructions on how to delete Facebook account saved on iPhone

If you want to delete your Facebook account saved on your iPhone but don't know how to do it, please refer to some of the following tips:

How to remove Facebook login information on iPhone

Once you log in and save your Facebook account on iPhone and want to delete it, you can follow these steps. 

Step 1: First, users need to access their Facebook account on the phone you want to delete. Then, the home page interface appears, find and click on the 3 dashes icon. Here, scroll down to click the Log out box .

Step 2: At this point, the system will display the question: "Do you want to save your login information before logging out?" and come with two options. What you need to do is press Do not save and log out.

Step 3: After completing the above steps, the system will not save your information and password. In case you want to completely cancel your login, click the Settings icon (gear)  at the bottom of the login screen on the Facebook app. 

A list of accounts saved on the device will appear, find the account you want to delete and click on the three dots. Now select Remove account  to complete.

How to remove FB login information on iPhone

How to temporarily delete Facebook account saved on iPhone

Step 1: Select the 3 dashes icon on the Facebook interface then scroll down to select Settings & privacy

Step 2: Click Install

Step 3: Select Account settings → Personal information → Account management  to perform the next operations.

Step 4: The user selects the Disable command, at which point Facebook will ask to re-enter the old password. 

Step 5: A Deactivate account window appears, select This is a temporary action and  Continue .  

Step 6: You can manually set the time you want to log back in by setting in Automatically reactivate my account after... . Finally, click Disable my account to finish deleting the temporary account .

How to permanently delete Facebook account on iPhone

Step 1: To permanently delete the Facebook account saved on iPhone, follow the same instructions on how to temporarily delete the account. In the Deactivate account window , select Delete account .

Step 2: You just need to enter your Facebook password and press Send to permanently delete your Facebook account on iPhone.

Note when deleting Facebook accounts saved on iPhone

When deleting your Facebook account saved on your iPhone, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • It takes some time for the system to confirm the account lock, maximum time is 14 days for you to activate your account by logging in. After 14 days, the account will definitely be locked.
  • To delete the account, users need to remember and enter the password correctly.


Above are instructions on how to delete Facebook accounts saved on iPhone, extremely detailed, simple and easy to follow that you can refer to. And don't forget to follow us to see many other useful articles.


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