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How to increase the success rate when adding a payment card to your Facebook profile (reference article)
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How to increase the success rate when adding a payment card to your Facebook profile (reference article)

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2023-09-21 00:44:03

Facebook is increasingly tightening the issue of payment cards for ad payments, causing numerous limitations and difficulties for those running ads. However, we at Accnice have some suggested solutions to make adding cards more convenient.


Suggested Solutions: Soak and Warm the Account


1. Log In Using Secure Browsers

You should use browsers such as pure Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Avoid using browsers that support anonymity like Dophil, Incogniton, or any proxy and VPN software.

If you don't know how to log in, here's how to log in: 


2. Soak and Warm the Account

After Purchasing an Account or Business Manager (BM)

  1. Log in using the recommended browsers mentioned above.
  2. Let your account "soak" for about 2 days or more.
  3. During this soaking period, engage with the account by liking, commenting, sharing, and watching videos to create interactions, just like you would with a regular account.

3. Adding Payment Cards

After 2 Days or More

You can start adding payment cards to run ads as usual.

Warning: Prepare a real, physical card to ensure a higher success rate for card loading. The warranty policy of Accnice applies only to real cards.

How to Add a Payment Card:

For detailed instructions on how to add a payment card, please refer to our article: How to Change the Country, Time Zone, and Currency of Your Ad Account

Disclaimer and Final Thoughts

Note: The above article reflects our personal opinions and is intended for your reference. However, please be aware that Facebook still presents many potential risks.

Good luck!


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