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How To Run Facebook ads
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How To Run Facebook ads

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Currently, Facebook is increasingly being chosen as a good sales and product consumption channel. So how to run Facebook ads for your business's products and services? Specific steps will be presented in the following article.

Types of advertising include Facebook

There are three types of advertising on Facebook: 

  • This basic Facebook ad is displayed on the right side of the Newsfeed page. The destination of this ad can be a fanpage, website or any address you want. You need to set specific goals and experiment with different content then come to a final decision.
  • Sponsored Ads: This template can be displayed on the right or center of the newsfeed and includes an image and description automatically taken from the fanpage or fanpage post. With this ad, users can directly like the fanpage, comment or share the ad.
  • Post suggestion ads: This is a form of Facebook posts that are only displayed on the Newsfeed, including 1 photo and text automatically taken from a fanpage post. 

how to run Facebook ads

How to run Facebook ads?

How to run Facebook ads 

Step 1: Start the campaign

To create an advertising campaign, the simplest way is to click on the green post promotion button below the post or advertise an event on Facebook.

Additionally, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/business/ to create an ad for an existing article or a completely new article. Then, click on the create ad button on the menu bar to create an ad for your Facebook post.

Your website will then be redirected to the ad manager. From here, you can choose features and manage your ads on Facebook.

In marketing goals, you need to choose a specific goal. After selecting a goal, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and type in the advertising campaign name. Then set up an advertising account to create Facebook ads for your articles. You can also set a spending limit for the ad itself by clicking the set limit button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Create a Facebook account to advertise

If this is your first time running ads on Facebook, you need to set up properties to set up your ad account such as country, currency, and time zone. In addition, you can edit the advertising account name by clicking on show advanced settings and edit parameters. After completing the setup, click on the continue button.

Step 3: Suitable customer group

In this step, you will name the ad group and select appropriate information for the target customer group. This is the step that determines the great effectiveness of advertising on Facebook.

Therefore, you need to research and find out information about the target customer group you want to target. The more specific the customer audience you can identify, the more your advertising costs and conversion rate will increase. that much. Corresponding to each information you choose, Facebook will provide expected results about the number of potential target customers through the chart on the right.

how to run Facebook ads

Target customers need to be selected appropriately

Step 4: Display location

There are two types of ad placements for you to choose from: automatic ad placements and edit ad placements:

  • Automatic placement will be displayed by Facebook in locations deemed most appropriate and optimal, including display on Instagram or audience network.
  • By choosing the location yourself, you can choose the type of device and platform you want.

Usually on the right there will be a demo section to see the ad position on each platform. You can preview before ticking the boxes to the right of the positions you want to display ads and uncheck them if you find them unnecessary.

Step 5: Set a budget 

Next you need to set a budget for running ads daily or lifetime. Facebook will distribute your ads according to the spending level you have set, not necessarily equal between days, but Facebook will balance itself throughout the advertising period.

Then you need to set up the ad schedule. If you choose a daily budget, you can continuously run the ad group starting today and set a start date and end date. If you choose a package budget, you must set the start and end dates of the campaign.

Step 6: Preview the interface 

In this step, you will choose the fanpage and posts you want to advertise as well as preview how the advertising interface will appear to users on different types of platforms and devices.

Go to the Facebook page menu, in the list of fanpages you are managing and select the article or enter the article ID to advertise or create a new article.

After completing the above steps, click on the review button to review the advertising campaign overview and change the amount of content if necessary, then click on the confirm button for Facebook to proceed with running the ad.

Finally, you will go to the payment step and within 24 hours Facebook will confirm for you. The ad will default to running as soon as Facebook confirms success. During this process, if you feel the campaign is not effective, you can delete the ads and turn them off.

how to run Facebook ads

Facebook advertising helps your products get closer to customers

Above are the steps to help you figure out how to run Facebook ads . Hope they will help you run successful ads. To find out more information about advertising on Facebook, you can visit the website https://accnice.com/ to understand better.

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