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How to run Reels Facebook ads
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How to run Reels Facebook ads

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-19 10:57:19

The emergence of Facebook Reels has opened a new door for effective connection and increased influence through short videos. So running Reels ads on Facebook is not only a trend, but also a strategic opportunity to bring your message to millions of users every day. In this article, let's explore with Accnice how to run Reels Facebook ads in detail.

1. What is Reels Advertising?

Reels advertising for businesses is a form of advertising on the short video platform Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels, a feature of Facebook (Meta) that allows users to create, share, and enjoy creative and short videos. attract.

Run Reels Facebook ads

Using Reels advertising, businesses have the ability to not only increase brand awareness but also effectively promote their products or services, thereby driving revenue. A special feature of Reels advertising is the ability to create short videos from the user's existing photo and video library or record directly through the application. This flexibility allows businesses to express unlimited creativity, from choosing music from an extensive music library, to using custom music, to applying unique effects and filters to Create interesting and novel videos.

Furthermore, promotional Reels videos are not just recreations of regular videos that users often create. They are individually designed and optimized with specific advertising goals in mind. Whether conveying advertising messages, introducing products, services or business information, each promotional Reels video has a clear strategy to achieve maximum effectiveness in attracting and engaging. interact with the audience.

With a combination of creative content and impressive images, Reels advertising is an indispensable tool in the marketing strategy of every modern business.

2. Types of Reels advertising

Below are some popular types of Reels ads that businesses can take advantage of to optimize their advertising effectiveness on Facebook and Instagram:

2.1 Overlay Ads

An overlay ad is a type of ad that automatically displays at the bottom of the video content in the form of a static banner or a carousel card consisting of multiple images. The outstanding advantage of overlay ads is the ability to display information. news without obscuring the main content of the video, thereby creating a seamless and comfortable viewing experience for users. 

2.2. End Screen Ads

End-of-loop ad: is a stand-alone video ad, 4 seconds or longer in length, and can be skipped. This type of ad appears after the movie ends. Once the ad is complete, the partner's footage will continue to play and repeat from the beginning. 

3. Some main advertising parameters on Reels Facebook

In order for Reels Facebook ads to be quickly approved and have high performance, please pay attention to the following parameters: 

  • Required video formats:
    • For IOS:  duration from 3 to 60 seconds, MP4 format, minimum 1080P and 4K (if available), aspect ratio 9:16.
    • For Android:  duration from 3 to 60 seconds, MP4 format, minimum 1080P and 4K (if available), frame rate according to video aspect ratio.
  • Length: The maximum length of a video posted on Reels is 90 seconds
  • Format: Recommended size is 9×16.
  • Video resolution: maximum resolution is 720P on Reels.
  • Maximum video capacity: 4GB.
  • Main text: Maximum 72 characters.
  • Ad distribution form: Automatic or manual.

4. Detailed instructions on how to run Reels Facebook ads

Step 1: Access the advertising manager

Go to ads manager

Go to ads manager

  • Access Facebook Ads Manager: Open a web browser and enter the address https://business.facebook.com/adsmanager/manage to learn how to run Facebook Reels ads.
  • Create a new campaign: Select “Create new campaign” in the upper left corner. Click this button to begin the process of creating a new ad campaign.
  • Choose a campaign goal: When you tap “Create new campaign,” Facebook will show you a list of different campaign goals. You need to choose a campaign objective that matches your advertising campaign. For example: Increase brand awareness, post engagement, generate website traffic, and many other goals.
  • Click Continue: After selecting your campaign goal, click the “Continue” button to continue running Reels ads.

Step 2: Set up advertising campaign

  • Name the campaign: First, you need to name your advertising campaign. You should name your campaign so it's easy to identify and manage the different campaigns you've created.

Name the campaign

Name the campaign

  • Choose a budget: You need to decide the budget you want for your campaign. There are two forms: daily budget or lifetime budget . Your daily budget is the amount you'll spend each day on your campaign, while your lifetime budget is the total amount you'll spend over the entire duration of your campaign.
  • Set ad schedule: Set the start and end time for the ad campaign.

Choose your budget and advertising schedule

Choose your budget and advertising schedule

  • Click Next: click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 3: Set up ad groups

Once you've set up the basic parameters for your ad campaign, the next step in running Reels ads is to create specific ad groups within the campaign.

Set up ad groups

Set up ad groups

  • Name your ad group: You need to name your ad group. Naming helps you easily identify the goal and content of each ad group.
  • Choose conversion locations: You need to identify the conversion locations you want to track when users take the desired action, such as clicking a link, filling out a form, or making a purchase.
  • Target audience (demographics): Next, you need to determine the target audience for the ad group. Specifically, age, gender, location, interests and other demographic information to ensure your ads reach your target audience.
  • In the ad placement section, select “Manual ad placement.”
  • Then, turn off all other ad placements by unchecking them. Select only the boxes under “Stories and Reels” or “In-stream ads for videos and footage.” This ensures that your ads will appear only on the placements you've chosen, helping to focus on the goals and effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Then click Next to continue setting up the rest of how to run Reels ads.

Step 4: Set up ads

Once you've set up your ad group, the next step is to create details for each Reels ad.

  • Name your Reels ad: First, you need to name your Reels ad for easy recognition and management.
  • Select the page you want to run ads on: You need to select the page you want the ad to be linked to in the identifier. This helps identify the origin of the ad and builds trust with the audience.
  • Ad setup: In the ad content section, click the "Add media file" button and upload the Reels video you want to run the ad on.
  • Add content and title: You need to provide content and title for your Reels ad. This helps viewers better understand the message you want to convey.
  • Customize your call-to-action button: Depending on the goal of your ad, you can customize your call-to-action button to encourage viewers to take the desired action such as making a purchase, signing up, or interacting.
  • Further customize settings (if needed): Based on the conversion placement you have set up in the Ad group section, you can further customize the accompanying settings to ensure your ads meet your goals.
  • Post and wait for approval: Once you've finished running Reels ads, click "Post" and wait for Facebook to approve your ad. Once approved, the ad will begin displaying.

4. Some notes when running Facebook Reels ads

4.1. interesting content

With Reels, you only have a short amount of time – usually just a few seconds – to make an impression and capture the viewer's attention. This requires a strong and engaging start, ensuring that from the first seconds, your content creates curiosity, stimulates interest, or even surprises the viewer. Content needs to be creatively designed, combining unique images, catchy music, and maybe a strong message or interesting story. The goal is to create a unique and different experience the moment viewers encounter your Reel.

4.2. Interaction and call to action

When running Reels ads on Facebook, taking advantage of interactive features is an important part that cannot be overlooked. This feature not only helps increase viewer engagement, but also enables them to actively engage with your content. For example, you can encourage viewers to like, comment, or share your Reels. Besides, placing a clear and strong call to action (CTA - Call To Action) is extremely necessary. A call to action is not just a message that motivates viewers to take a specific action like “Learn More,” “Buy Now,” or “Subscribe,” but also a way to create a path of connection. directly between your ad and the next action you want viewers to take. 

4.3. Classification of target audience

To maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook Reels advertising campaign, using segmentation is an important strategy to ensure that your content is only shown to the right target audience. Facebook's segmentation tools provide flexible options for identifying and selecting target audiences based on a variety of factors such as age, gender, country, interests, and more.

Segmenting your target audience not only helps ensure that your campaign is reaching people who are likely to be interested and engaged, but it also helps optimize your advertising budget. You can optimize campaign performance by choosing the right target audience, ensuring that each campaign is targeted to the group of viewers most likely to convert.

4.4. Tracking and Optimization

The tracking and optimization process is an integral part of ensuring that your Reels advertising campaign increases its performance over time. First and foremost, continuously monitor your ad performance. Use Facebook analytics tools to evaluate important metrics like engagement rate, views, and user interactions. This data will provide insight into how viewers interact with your content. Tracking trends and charts helps determine which parts of your campaign are succeeding and which areas need improvement.

Then, use the data obtained to optimize the campaign. This can include adjusting Reels content, optimizing target audiences based on demografic data and viewer behavior, adjusting advertising budgets to optimize costs, and even making changes ad runtime to reflect the online trends of the target audience.

5. Conclusion

Accnice hopes that through this article you can be successful in running Reels Facebook ads . However, to be successful in the field of digital advertising, businesses need to understand and understand how it works to achieve the best results in their advertising campaigns. 


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