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How to Share Access with Partners in Facebook Business Manager
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How to Share Access with Partners in Facebook Business Manager

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Collaboration in digital marketing is key to expanding reach and leveraging expertise. Facebook Business Manager (BM) simplifies this process by enabling you to share access with partners. Whether it's an agency, a vendor, or a consultant, our guide will help you navigate the partner sharing features of Business Manager safely and efficiently.

Understanding Partner Sharing in Facebook Business Manager

The Importance of Partner Collaboration Sharing access with partners allows for streamlined workflow, shared responsibilities, and integrated marketing efforts on Facebook's vast network.

Security and Control Facebook's Business Manager provides a secure environment to manage partnerships, ensuring you retain control over your assets while granting necessary permissions.

Setting Up Partner Sharing in Business Manager

Step 1: Accessing Your Business Settings

Log into your Facebook Business Manager and select 'Business Settings' from the sidebar to manage your partner interactions.

Step 2: Navigating to Partners Section

Within Business Settings, find the 'Partners' tab. This is where you can manage existing partnerships or establish new ones.

Sharing Access with a New Partner

Step 1: Adding a New Partner

To add a new partner, click the '+ Add' button and select 'Give a partner access to your assets'. Enter the Partner Business ID provided by your partner.


Step 2: Assigning Assets and Permissions

Determine which assets (pages, ad accounts, catalogs) you want to share and assign the appropriate permissions for each asset. Ensure you only grant access that is necessary for the partnership.

Managing Partner Permissions

Reviewing Partner Access: Regularly review the permissions granted to ensure they align with current collaboration needs and adjust accordingly.

Revoking Access: If the partnership ends or changes, you can easily revoke access through the same 'Partners' section in your Business Settings.

Best Practices for Partner Sharing

Clear Communication

Ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated to prevent overlap and to maintain a smooth workflow.

Audit Trails:

Make use of Facebook's auditing features to track changes and activities within your Business Manager, providing transparency and accountability.

Conclusion: Sharing access with partners in Facebook Business Manager can lead to more productive collaborations and successful campaigns. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can manage partnerships effectively, ensuring both security and productivity are maintained.

Call to Action: Elevate your Facebook marketing efforts today. Start by sharing access with trusted partners in your Facebook Business Manager and unlock the full potential of collaborative digital marketing

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