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Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples
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Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-13 15:48:26

Great ads can bring in great numbers, no doubt. And when you’re in a competitive industry like real estate, you’ll want to put some extra effort into creating ads that stand out and convince more audiences to share their information with you.

But the question is, what’s the recipe for an outstanding ad? It’s a blend of crucial ingredients, from pinpoint audience targeting to delivering a crystal-clear message. You may need to test a lot of different ideas until you find the best fit for your business. 

In this post, we’ll share 13 good real estate Facebook Ads ideas with examples. You’ll find great ideas here for your next Facebook Ad and hopefully generate a good amount of leads.

1. Adapt your message for ongoing festivities and special occasions 

Good advertisements don’t always need to push sales-focused messages. Sometimes a simple, perfectly-timed greeting can be impactful. And when it comes to generating real estate leads on Facebook, festive seasons and special occasions can be a great time to do so. It’s when people are comparatively more relaxed, have more leisure time, and as a result of that, have more attention span to engage with your ads and promotions. 

Here’s an ad example from Mark Housden, a real estate agent from the US. He uses festive messages to grab the attention of his potential customers and also subtly urges them to use his services. 

In the second example below, Alexander Real Estate, Inc. from the US uses this approach to promote his real estate services in one of their Facebook Ads during the Christmas season.

2. Use video testimonials 

Testimonials serve as social proof for your services. As you may already be aware, video testimonials can be really engaging. They can actually play a great role in attracting leads for your real estate business.

Using video testimonials that offer an insight into your service from satisfied customers can convince potential customers to enquire about your services. That being said, keep in mind that video testimonials should always be backed by a great message, because that’s what convinces people to watch the video and take action later. 

In the real estate Facebook ad example, the advertiser (Michelle Loh Real Estate from Singapore) uses video testimonial of one of her satisfied clients. The other great element of this advert is the messaging that mentions the common doubt of real estate customers. 

3. Show how good you’re at your job

Demonstrating how good you are at your job through ads can help build trust among new audiences. People carefully make decisions when it comes to a high ticket purchase like real estate. They definitely want to partner with someone who can get the job done smoothly.

Remember, while promoting your work via ads, it’s always best to support them with good visuals. And as always, right messaging is the key. 

In the example, Jake Lee, a realtor from Australia showcases his recent work and explains how his team handled it smoothly to attract new leads.  

4. Include a tour video

If you’re running a Facebook Ad to sell a specific property, you should provide just enough information in your ad to entice the viewer to engage with you and book an in-person viewing.

You could attract them by showcasing the property in an audiovisual format. A property tour video can be really helpful in this case. But always ensure your property tour video is interesting, and doesn’t give away too much details of the property that the viewer doesn’t even need to come for a real tour. Also, don’t forget to write an informative description to urge people to view the video. 

In the example, Home Central from Singapore promotes one of its properties via Facebook Ads. The ad includes a tour video that takes viewers through the property and answers as many possible questions a potential buyer may have about the property. 

5. Showcase your recent achievements

If you have been closing many good deals lately, showcase your recent achievements to assure and attract leads – not just prospective homebuyers, but also those looking to sell their properties.

Real estate customers prefer partnering with someone who’s experienced in getting the job done fast. You can showcase your recent activities through different means, such as videos, images, image carousels, etc. Here’s a tip: record all your successful sales activities if possible. This content can play a great role in marketing your services. 

Here’s an example of a Home Central Facebook Ad from Singapore. In their Facebook Ad, they showcase the recent properties they managed to sell within a certain period of time in a Carousel format. 

6. Highlight your key selling points 

Showing your unique selling point is another way to attract leads. If you operate differently or have something that benefits your customers, highlight them in your ad. For instance, not charging your clients a commission fee could be your unique selling point. 

Here’s an example from Tirunelveli and Coimbatore Virutcham Real Estate from India. In their Facebook Ad, they highlight their key selling points in the message and in the image. 

7. Use Carousel to Show multiple listings 

Using the Carousel format for your ad allows you to display up to ten images or videos, each with its own link, in a scrollable sequence. Potential clients can view a variety of properties in one go, increasing their chances of finding something that fits them.

It can also be an engaging way to present different aspects of a single property, such as various rooms and amenities. Keep in mind that a clear messaging and call to action (CTA) is important. 

In the example, Housekeyz, a real estate company from India showcases multiple properties on their Facebook ad in a carousel format. 

8. Highlight new listings 

Highlighting new listings in your Facebook real estate ads is a powerful way to capture the attention of potential buyers. It creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging quick engagement. This strategy also keeps your ad content fresh and dynamic, which is key to maintaining viewer interest over time.

Regularly updating your ads with new listings not only attracts buyers actively searching for the latest options but also re-engage previous viewers.You can highlight new listings on your ad in different formats.

Here’s a simple example from See Central Kentucky Homes from the US. The advertiser highlights the latest listings, urging people to visit their website. 

9. Share investment ideas 

Sharing insights on real estate investments can be a compelling strategy to generate real estate leads. Highlighting valuable information, such as exclusive market analysis, unique opportunities and trends in the luxury market, or investment tips for high-end properties can help position you as an expert. Your leads are happy to receive useful, tailored information from you, while you gather their contact information for future engagement. 

In the example, Full House Real Estate from the US provides information on investing in Mexico real estate. 

10. Include your agent’s picture along with the property photo

If you’re in an industry where trust and personal relationships are key to closing deals, consider including your agent’s picture alongside property photos in your Facebook ads. It creates a more personal and relatable connection with potential clients and also helps make your brand more approachable and trustworthy. 

Here’s an example from Guarantee Real Estate ad. While promoting a property, they also include the picture and details of their agent to make the listing more trustworthy. 

11. Promote your real estate expertise through a video.  

Video content allows you to showcase your personality and expertise in an informative and entertaining way. You can use videos for different purposes, such as giving a virtual tour of your properties, sharing market insights, or providing home-buying tips. Videos have the potential to reach a wide audience.

Here’s a tip while promoting your real estate services through video: focus on addressing the needs and solving the problems of your potential customers, rather than solely highlighting your expertise and accomplishments.

In this lead-generating real estate Facebook Ad example, Woolson Real Estate, Inc. from the US includes a video of one of their agents in their Facebook ad.  

12. Use client testimonials as a part of the creative 

Testimonials are highly effective in demonstrating to potential clients that others have had positive experiences with your services. By showcasing real feedback from satisfied clients, you can establish trust and authenticity with new audiences, which are crucial in the decision-making process of homebuyers and sellers.

Testimonials also highlight specific aspects of your service that can be seen as your standout features, such as your attention to detail, expertise in the market, or exceptional customer care. It helps create a more compelling and persuasive ad creative.

In the example, Jazlyn Real Estate from the US highlights a client testimonial in their ad creative and urges users to message her with the message CTA.  

13. Embrace simplicity

Sometimes, embracing simplicity can be an effective approach in real estate advertising on Facebook. A clear, straightforward message can be incredibly powerful, helping your potential clients directly engage with your ads. Simple ads focus on the essential information and avoid clutter and make it easier for viewers to understand your message. If you want to keep your ads simple and straightforward, highlight the most compelling aspects of your listings or services.

Alexander Real Estate, Inc. from the US uses this approach in one of their Facebook Ads. The ad has all the essential information a potential customer needs, nothing more.  

Final words

The journey from creating an attention grabbing Facebook Ad to converting a lead is nuanced and requires strategic follow-through. While the ideas we discussed in the article set the stage for engagement, how you handle the next step is crucial for your ad campaign to succeed. You should maintain the momentum created by your ads with a timely reaction to people who do engage with your ads.

Responding promptly to enquiries and building relationships beyond the initial interaction play a crucial role in converting leads into customers. 

Remember, the success of your ad campaign is not just measured in terms of how many leads it generated, but how well you were able to convert them into successful real estate transactions. 

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