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Risks of Buying and Selling Facebook Accounts
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Risks of Buying and Selling Facebook Accounts

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-01-19 11:28:36

What are the Risks of buying and selling Facebook accounts online? Surely you have seen a few times on Facebook that there are groups that buy and sell Facebook accounts with each other. Each account can cost up to several million dong and this is also the reason why this market attracts many people. Join us to find out in detail why accounts can buy at such high prices through the content below.

Risks of buying and selling Facebook accounts

Risks when buying and selling Facebook accounts

Overview of the Facebook account trading market

The underground market for buying and selling Facebook accounts always attracts many individuals due to its relatively high profits. Sharing from a person who specializes in providing Facebook accounts mentioned that if you buy a random account, the price can range from a few Dollars. However, if you want to select a specific account, the price can go up to 100 - 300$, and if the account is identity-verified, the price will be even higher.

It's not difficult to find Facebook account sellers online because this buying and selling activity often occurs openly on social media pages and websites. Websites selling Facebook accounts have very rudimentary interfaces or pose as companies without providing specific addresses. Transactions are conducted over the phone without any documentation. Not only limited to purchasing Facebook accounts, many people also seek to buy fan pages or groups with a large number of followers. Consequently, the prices can reach several hundred Dollars

Types of Facebook Account Transactions

Based on our research, customers seek to buy Facebook accounts for various purposes, such as using them for seeding to boost sales, spamming, running advertising campaigns, and more.

For example, online sellers may require virtual accounts to increase interactions and comments to attract customers. Additionally, individuals working in media, advertising, or even Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) may invest money in purchasing virtual accounts solely to increase engagement.

Due to the diverse demands for buying Facebook accounts, various purchasing methods have emerged. One prominent method is through groups, where sellers post advertisements for accounts tailored to different target audiences. These accounts may be nurtured by the seller and put up for sale once they meet specific criteria. Some accounts, acquired through hacking, are sold at higher prices due to their seniority and confirmed identities.

Purposes of Buying Facebook Accounts

Vietnam ranks among the top 10 countries with the highest Facebook app usage globally. Consequently, it attracts numerous large and small businesses investing in Facebook advertising. The overwhelming participation of businesses in Facebook ads leads to users being exposed to excessive information daily. Many small traders new to Facebook commerce may opt to buy virtual accounts to increase interaction and build trust with customers. Therefore, the primary objective of purchasing Facebook accounts is often to enhance interaction, seed sales growth, and more.

Risks of buying and selling Facebook accounts

What to buy a Facebook account for?

Risks of Buying and Selling Facebook Accounts Online

It can be argued that buying and selling Facebook accounts is not inherently bad if the buyer uses it for legitimate purposes. However, since these transactions occur online, they lack the legal protection. Therefore, in case of disputes, it is challenging to reclaim rightful ownership. Additionally, purchasing an account that has been hacked and resold can lead to legal complications related to the compromise of personal information.

Using fake accounts to boost interactions on posts is often cheaper than running ads. This is why buying and selling Facebook accounts is favored by many, despite the known risks.

There are numerous repercussions associated with this trade. Buyers may use the acquired accounts for spamming, spreading unwanted content, sending links to malicious software for financial theft, or compromising personal information. This poses a threat to the social media environment and online security as a whole.

Risks of buying and selling Facebook accounts

Risks when buying and selling Facebook accounts online

So, through the above article, you have a better understanding of the risks when buying and selling Facebook accounts online. Buying and selling may not be bad, but because it is not protected by law, the targeting by bad people is very high. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and choose reputable and quality addresses to buy and sell Facebook accounts to limit unnecessary risks. And Accnice will be a name you cannot ignore, contact us for a free consultation today!

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