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Violating Facebook Community Standards
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Violating Facebook Community Standards

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-02-15 10:40:53

Violating Facebook community standards is a fairly common problem today. Let's analyze the cause and find a solution with Accnice!

Violate Facebook community standards

Violation of Facebook community standards is a user account that does not comply with the terms and conditions of the Facebook platform. Violating the mandatory standards of the Facebook system will cause the user's account to be disabled for a certain period of time and worse, the account will be permanently locked.

The severity of the consequences users face depends on the level of violation of the account. Therefore, to use a Facebook account long term, users need to firmly understand the terms and comply with the platform's standards.

Violating Facebook community standards

Violate Facebook community standards

Common causes of violating Facebook community standards 

Facebook is famous for being a platform with a very strict level of supervision and control, so it is easy to be beaten for violating Facebook community standards . To use this application effectively, users need to pay attention to the causes of violations below.

Violating Facebook community standards

Reasons for violating Facebook community standards

The post content contains sensitive words

Post content containing sensitive words is one of the most common violations of Facebook community standards . Sometimes, just by accidentally saying a word with an unclear meaning, the user will be flagged for violation.

Words that users need to avoid include: vulgar, obscene, offensive words, content inappropriate for the age group for which the account is registered, and nude images.

The content of the post contains threatening behavior

Content that supports and encourages acts of violence, incitement, intimidation, and mental harm to others is also a violation of Facebook community standards . In addition, actions or words related to sexual harassment, suicide, threats and dangerous actions will also be marked as violations.

Users should pay attention and be more careful about these things to avoid unwanted situations from occurring.

Facebook account is not authentic

Using an unofficial Facebook account and intentionally impersonating someone else's personal information is a huge violation of Facebook's community standards violation policy .

Any individual needs to protect their personal information, so Facebook policy is very strict on this issue.

Violating Facebook community standards

Facebook account is not authentic

The account acts spammy

Nowadays, users often tend to spam posts, spam comments,... to interact with friends. However, this action accidentally violated Facebook community standards . To use this platform long-term and effectively, users need to pay more attention to protecting their accounts!

What are the consequences of violating Facebook community standards?

If users violate Facebook community standards, they will face the following consequences:

  • Post content includes: images, comments, likes, shares, all may be deleted. If the case is mild, Facebook will send a notice in advance. In case of serious violation, the post will be promptly deleted or the user account will be locked.
  • The problem of account deletion will be divided into 2 cases: permanent deletion and deletion by day, week or month.
  • Email accounts and phone numbers are blocked from the Facebook platform, meaning you cannot create new accounts
  • Access to pages that the user has previously violated is restricted

Therefore, users need to be more careful in using the Facebook platform to avoid problems.

Violating Facebook community standards

What are the consequences of violating Facebook community standards?

How to fix violations of Facebook community standards?

To use Facebook effectively and fix errors that violate Facebook community standards, users need to refer to the following steps:

  • Update and confirm correct personal information including: full name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, email, to make the authentication system more effective.
  • Understand and comply with Facebook's terms policy
  • Limit the use of prohibited words, sensitive content, threats and dangerous actions
  • If you are beaten for a violation, you need to review the cause and pay more attention to not repeat the violation again
  • Do not spam article content, images, comments, or likes.

Violating Facebook community standards

How to fix violations of Facebook community standards


The content of the above article hopes that users will better understand the policy of violating Facebook community standards . Please follow Accnice to update more useful new information!

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