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What is Facebook Library?
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What is Facebook Library?

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-22 09:25:54

Facebook Library is a free tool for users to look up and review all advertisements that have been running on Facebook from any fanpage. Let's learn about this interesting tool in the article below.

Along with Google Ads, Facebook Ads is also one of the great tools for you to reach potential customers quickly and conveniently. However, advertising effectiveness will increasingly improve if you can monitor market content and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your business's advertising compared to your competitors. But to do that, you will need to use Facebook Library, so what exactly is Facebook Library and how to use this tool effectively?

What is Facebook Library?

Regarding the question, what is Facebook Library? Facebook Library (Facebook Advertising Library) is officially called Meta Ad Library. This is a free tool for users to look up and review all advertisements that have been running on Facebook from any fanpage . In fact, the Facebook library was initially launched in 2018 with ads related mainly to political and social issues. Then, the data is expanded to all advertising categories on the Meta platform.

A special feature of Facebook Library is that you do not need a Facebook account or any login information to still access the library's content, even if the ad is no longer active at the time you use it. search. That's because the library will store these articles for 7 years from the date of advertisement release.

Facebook Library

Purpose of using Facebook Library

Look up opponents

If you are wondering what Facebook Library is, you have probably heard about the main use of this system - analyzing competitors directly in the market. After determining who your competitors are, you will need to find out what media programs they are running, their scale, who their target customers are or what content they are promoting.

At this point, Facebook Library will be a great tool for you to synthesize the above information because the system allows you to access all advertising content. In particular, the feature of filtering data over time will help you know the number of ads that your competitor's fanpage has run at a certain time.

Strategy development

When you cannot decide on the type of advertising content, you can refer to information from fanpages operating in the same field and industry. With the ads library, you will see an overview of the page, ID address, ad start date, and ad status. Thereby, you can quickly identify the routes that need priority and carry out appropriate advertising strategies. 

How to view competitor fanpage ads from Facebook Library

Through search engines

Step 1: Access Ad Library .

Step 2: Select the location and type of ad you want to search for. For example, if you specify Vietnam location, select All ads (Applies to all ads).

Step 3: You enter a keyword and the system will suggest a list of corresponding fanpage names. Now, click on the page you want to learn about.

Facebook Library

Step 4: The system will then display all fanpage ads. You can click See Ad Details to see the specific content of any post. In case you want to narrow the number, continue to click on Filter and select articles based on the following criteria:

  • Language: All languages, Vietnamese.
  • Platform: All platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger.
  • Media type: All media types, Images, Memes, Images and memes, Videos, No image or video.
  • Active status: Active and inactive, Active ads, Inactive ads.
  • Impressions by date (Displayed by date).

Facebook Library

Through fanpage

Step 1: Visit the Facebook website or application and find the name of the fanpage you want to observe. 

Step 2: Click About and select Page transparency . Here you will be able to collect the page ID, page creation date, and the message This Page is curently running ads .

Facebook Library

Step 3: Choose See All . The interface displays a summary frame about the page. Continue scrolling down to the bottom of the frame and select Go to Ad Library . 

Step 4: All fanpage advertising content will appear. Similar to the first method, you can filter data or click to view ad details.

Facebook Library


Thus, the article has answered the question of what Facebook Library is as well as shown ways to take advantage of this tool to come up with the most effective research and advertising direction for your business. Hopefully this article has given you a panoramic view and pocketed more quality advertising search solutions to apply to your business. Wishing you success in your career!

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