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What is follow? How to effectively increase followers on Facebook!
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What is follow? How to effectively increase followers on Facebook!

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2024-03-22 09:54:46

follow is a familiar feature present on all social networking platforms today. This feature allows us to follow and update other users' posts. To follow an account, just press the Follow button. But how to get more followers on your account? Let's learn the content of the article to know what following is and ways to help increase followers for your Facebook account!

What is follow?

• What is follow?

Follow is a term used to refer to the act of following an account on a social network: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube... When you press the Follow button, you will know the social network activities of people, groups, that company or organization.

• What is unfollow?

The opposite of Follow is Unfollow - unfollow. This feature is used when you still want to be friends but do not want the activities and posts of those accounts to appear on your news feed anymore.

• What is follow up?

Follow up is a phrase that refers to the action of following and proactively updating an account's information after clicking Follow them. This term is also used when candidates follow up on results from employers after participating in job interviews.

Benefits of being followed

The follow feature not only makes it more convenient for us to monitor and update social network activities of people and organizations we care about, but also brings many more practical benefits such as:

- Helps celebrities and fans easily interact with each other and draw closer distances.

- Helps you quickly update information that interests you.

- Expand your circle of friends everywhere in the world.

- Support individuals and business organizations to be able to contact customers. Users can access useful information about topics they are interested in.

How to increase followers on Facebook

Currently, Follow on Facebook is divided into 2 types:

- Real follow : Because the user actively clicks follow.

- Virtual followers : Increase the number of followers through tools and algorithms.

However, the amount of virtual followers is mainly of a "colorful" nature. If we want real interaction and benefits, we need real followers. Here are some effective ways to increase the number of real followers on Facebook that you can apply:

1. Use Facebook's friend suggestion feature

The simplest way to increase followers is to use Facebook's friend suggestion feature. You can easily encounter a list of friend suggestions when surfing the news feed on Facebook. These are all accounts that you have interacted with or are friends with the person you are following.

If you want to increase your real followers, quickly send them a friend request. Although the process will be quite slow, it is the easiest method.

2. Set public mode

Please set public mode for:

- Follow and Make Friends button : To allow all accounts on Facebook to Follow and send friend invitations to you. Even if you do not accept the friend request, that person will still be one of the followers and increase your real followers.

- Post posts in public mode : Let everyone access your posts on Facebook. So they can comment, share and help the article reach more people.

- Make your followers public : Allows everyone to know the number of people following you. The higher this number, the higher the coverage and reliability.

3. Ask your Facebook friends to like and share the article to increase interaction

Another simple way to increase followers is to ask for help from friends and acquaintances on Facebook. By increasing engagement and sharing your posts with more people, your real followers will also increase.

4. Create unique, attractive content

An effective way to attract and retain others is to create unique, engaging and useful content. You can create content about: Movies, celebrities, useful knowledge, funny stories... 

It is not necessary to come up with a script or come up with your own ideas, but you can collect them from many sources and then edit them to make them attractive and have unique characteristics to attract viewers.

5. Use hashtags

In each post, use hashtags related to the content to increase search visibility. You should choose keywords with high popularity, an article can have many hashtags to be suitable and bring good results.

6. Seeding

If you want to increase your followers, you should not sit still and wait. Please take the time to participate in fanpages and forums with similar content and topics to your page and then post or comment under the posts on that page.

The fact that your page appears a lot will make many people remember it and sometimes, curious, they will click to see it and then follow it if it suits their taste. However, this method will be quite time consuming, so if you want to increase a lot of followers in a short time, you should consider it.

7. Organize gift-giving games and livestreams

Games with prizes are the easiest way to attract the attention of many people because who doesn't like receiving free gifts. Organize a game, or simply make a request: Like, share, follow for a chance to receive gifts and you can increase quite a few followers for your account.

Besides give aways, livestreams are also an effective form of increasing interactions. However, you will need to invest more in content, images, and style when livestreaming to attract more viewers.

8. Link to website

If you have a website with content on the same topic as your Facebook page, connect them together. Thus, not only will your Facebook increase followers, but your website will also increase traffic.

9. Run ads

To run ads on Facebook, you will need to spend a certain fee on this platform. Thus, Facebook will help you promote your posts to potential users who are most likely to follow you. This is the fastest method to increase followers and of course the most expensive.


Above is some general information about what following is and effective methods to help increase real followers on Facebook. The number of followers is not simply a number but can also bring us many practical benefits. Know how to take advantage of it to create value for yourself and your community!

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