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What is Old Fanpage? What is Resistance Fanpage? Why do customers buy Fanpage without creating Fanpage for free?
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What is Old Fanpage? What is Resistance Fanpage? Why do customers buy Fanpage without creating Fanpage for free?

Tác giả: Admin Tuan Ngày viết: 2023-06-07 22:45:35

Explore the distinct types of Facebook Fanpages available for purchase at Accnice, including Old Facebook Fanpages and Reinstated (Solved) Fanpages, and learn why buying a Fanpage might be advantageous for your business.

The Two Varieties of Facebook Fanpages at Accnice

1) Old Facebook Fanpage

The old Fanpages that we offer are sourced from real user personal accounts that have been active between 2010 and 2021. These pages have a history of posts and user interactions and have never encountered issues with Facebook's policies.

Benefits of Old Facebook Fanpages:

Established presence on Facebook

Historical user engagement

Free from past policy violations

2. Fanpage Facebook Reinstated (Solved):

Reinstated Fanpages are previously used pages that at some point violated Facebook's policies and faced restrictions. We have successfully appealed these restrictions, restoring the Fanpage's good standing on the platform.

Advantages of Reinstated Fanpages:

Regained trust with Facebook

Lower scrutiny from Facebook's monitoring systems

Generally considered more robust than old Fanpages

Why Purchase a Fanpage Instead of Creating One?

Avoiding Potential Restrictions

Creating a new Fanpage on a freshly bought personal account can trigger Facebook's automated security measures if the account hasn't been properly warmed up. This might lead to ad account limitations or identity verification requests. By purchasing a Fanpage, you're investing in an established presence that can safely be connected to your advertising efforts.

Safe Integration with Purchased Accounts

The safest method is to buy an existing Fanpage and then share it with the personal account you've acquired to serve as an admin, ensuring a smoother transition into your marketing activities.

Learn to Share Admin Rights

For those who need a visual guide, we've prepared a short video tutorial on how to share admin rights to a Fanpage, available at:


Or you can refer to the tutorial article:

Instructions to share Fanpage to another account.

Conclusion: Choosing the right Fanpage to complement your Facebook marketing strategy is crucial. At Accnice, we offer vetted Fanpages that provide trustworthiness and ease of integration. Whether you opt for an old Fanpage or a reinstated one, you're making a strategic move towards a more effective online presence.

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