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How to check the time a Facebook Fanpage was created

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Writing date: 2023-10-31 21:14:29

How to check the time a Facebook Fanpage was created

This article provides detailed instructions for customers who do not know how to check the Facebook FanPage creation date when making purchases on the Website:

• Step 1: choose and buy the Fanpages you need at


• Step 2: After you buy our Fanpage, you are still wondering how to access the Fanpage, please see the instructions below

1, Send us the ID number you received when you purchased page

2, Send us your Facebook Link (or UID) and we will share the page to your Facebook account

That's where I get the profile link so I can invite you to be an administrator of the fanpage

Step 3: 

Once I've sent you an invitation to be an admin, I'll notify you. You can check the invitation to join from the Facebook notification or you can find the Fanpage by: ID >> example:

After accepting the invitation to join the Fanpage, you can check the creation date of that fanpage in the introduction section of the Fanpage.


I have completed all the instructions, if you still don't understand, please contact telegram, I will edit the article to make it easier to understand in your way.

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