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How to increase the success rate when adding a payment card to your Facebook profile (reference article)

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Writing date: 2023-09-21 00:44:03

How to increase the success rate when adding a payment card to your Facebook profile (reference article)

Hello Accnice customers:

FACEBOOK is increasingly tightening the issue of payment cards to pay for FACEBOOK, which causes those of us who use accounts to run ads to encounter many limitations and difficulties with many risks.

We suggest some solutions: Soak and warm the account to make adding cards more convenient.

1. You should log in with browsers such as pure Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge... (Do not use browsers that support anonymity such as Dophil, Incogniton and any proxy and VPN software)

If you don't know how to log in, here's how to log in: 


2. After purchasing an account or BM (receive BM to personal account)

Please log in using the browsers I mentioned above and let your account soak for about 2 days or more. If you are free, you can like, comment, share and watch videos in that account to create interaction like an account you are still using.

3. After 2 days or more, you can start adding payment cards to run ads as usual (Warning: You should prepare a real card, a physical card to have a higher rate of successful card loading, the website's warranty policy only applies to cards Real) . About how to add a payment card, I wrote an article, I will attach the link for you here:

NOTE: The above article is only our personal opinion for your reference, however, FACEBOOK still has many potential risks. Good luck!


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